Zucchini pasta feeds my life force


Photo creds to willa and our cute lunch ❤ if you don’t have a spiralizer you should totally invest in one!!


Probably pretty easy to make your own right? I love them but they are so expensive!! I imagine it’s just like dates a D stuff… Anyone know any good recipes?

Jelly bellies


So for the longest time I have been to scared to ask what candy is vegan and what is not because I was afraid of the answer.

But I went to candy mountain the other day and asked for a list of their vegan candy, I was overjoyed. Not only are jelly bellies vegan but also fuzzy peaches and sour patch kids and those watermelon slices

Okay, so Candy’s not good for you but I’m pretty sure its good for your soul…

Breakfast on the go!


Coconut yogurt and raspberries on the way to work

New school year and i’m back!

vegan as ever and back!!! ask me questions and stuff 🙂